About Me

This is my picture I am 38-year-old man and I live in Europe, Estonia (near of Tallinn). I have 2 daughters (8 & 3 year old). I had 20 years old chewing gum wrappers collection. In  year 2006  I started this interesting hobby again (my daughters eat now a lot of chewing gums :))

I’d like to change some wrappers with other people from different countries.

My priority is classical plate wrappers gums (only sticks wrappers).

Like those excample wrapper


At the Soviet Union time, was wrapper collecting different as now. At this time was it a quite difficult hobby while no gums were produced or imported in the USSR officially. After USSR army I had 20 year long break.

On this website I have only some wrappers and External blocks, what I can trade with you.
I have there my base USSR wrappers collection, then you know what you can send me :-)

Contact with me:
Vasara 8 - 45,
Estonia, 76606
Tel: +3256593608

MSN: priit#akaabel.ee
(Instead # use @ - anti-Spam)